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elvea_aure @ elvy_inc (formerly elicons)

For those of you who don't know me yet: I'm Elvy, and I make icons. Am I special? Of course I'm special.

...just like everyone else. -_-"

This is where I post my icons / brush sets / tutorials / whatever graphics-related entries from now on. elicons will no longer be updated. One moment's silence please...

What's new?

Elvy's Icon Award. There are plenty of icon makers out there who do not get the recognition they deserve. These are people who win little or no awards, but should be getting awards for their work. It could also be people who get nominated often enough, but never actually win anything. It's not going to be awarded on regular basis (that would cost me too much time), but whenever I see uncredited talent, I will hand out my Shiny New Award of Doom, and make a post here to put the maker in the spotlight. This award, of course, is defined by my personal taste, so if you get it, you should feel special.

This doesn't mean that 'famous' iconisers don't stand a chance of getting my award. If you're famous, it probably has a reason, and if I like your work I'll be fair enough to accredit that. I'm just trying to put all the small iconisers first. :)

Credits and Resources

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Icons posted are for anyone to use, unless stated otherwise.
  • If you decide you want to use one, leave a comment somewhere and credit. Should this be using the icon on another journal, a link would be very much appreciated.

  • Credit in the picture keywords is enough for me, and only the slightest bother to you. I prefer to get the credit for elvy_inc.

  • Yes, I am a credit whore. Bite me. I put work into my icons, it's only fair to recognize this. Not crediting = stealing.

  • I'm very flattered if you decide to take and use one of my icons, really. But please- do no hotlink. I want to be able to keep posting, you see.

    Icons are not to be customised unless it is specifically stated to be a base, in which case you're free to customise it as bloody well pleases you.
  • For certain bases, I'll ask credit. Those are the bases that took more than selecting and resizing. These bases will be marked.

  • 'Unmarked' bases are yours to use as you please, and do not require credit.

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    Yes, Elvy takes requests. In fact, she likes to do requests, as they tend to ask for arses things Elvy wouldn't iconise otherwise, and thus broaden her horizon. If you have a request, just drop a comment. Since Elvy doesn't have an automatic sheet up yet that you can simply fill out, she kindly asks you to have a look at the request-guidelines below before you send in your request.

  • If you have a specific (type of) image you want Elvy to use, by all means do send it along. Elvy will be glad to make an icon for you, but she only has so much spare time per day and looking for images simply takes up a lot of it. So, either send her the image or a direct link to where it can be found. If you have a particular image in mind but don't have it, please make an attempt at finding it yourself first. Elvy has listed a good deal of places for you to check out here.

  • No mini-movies. Why, you ask? Because they take up a LOT of time in the making; they consist of more than a few separate frames. Elvy very likely doesn't have every single file required for the frames of your mini-movie, and even if she does, or you do, she doesn't have the time. Maybe she'll do them for you somewhere in the future, but not now. For the moment you'll have to make do with any mini-movie icon she decides to create and post, and take mini-movie requests to people who do have the time for them.

  • Elvy does take animation-requests, provided that the animation consists of no more than 7 or 8 frames. Specify if you want one, and she'll see what she can do. If you want the animation to consist of different bases, please tell Elvy about it in advance, and try to send along (links to) the images you want to have for bases.

  • Particular text or quote? No problem, just include it and Elvy will see it done. She likes working with quotes. She adores quotes. Providing her with a text also makes it easier to finish your icon soon. No specifics for a text? No problem either. Just tell Elvy in what general direction the text should go (be careful to ask for humour- Elvy has an odd sense of humour), or let her know that she can do any text she wishes to add.

    1. You'd rather have an icon without text? No problem either. Just tell Elvy you want a text-free icon, and she will not add any text. However- if you ask for an icon without text, that means that you are not allowed to customise the icon for yourself once you have it. Elvy doesn't mind making you icons, but she does not wish to provide random people with a base just to see it is then edited into something else.

    2. Got a certain font you want Elvy to use? Sure, she'll use it, but please check if the font a standard in Windows or available at Dafont.com. If this is not the case, tell Elvy where she can find it.

    3. If you don't specifically tell Elvy that you want your username included somewhere in the icon, it won't be on it. It's as simple as that.

  • Any specific ideas on what the icon should look like? Great! Include it all, and Elvy will see what she can do. Provide her with some kind of example if at all possible. Elvy's programs can do a lot, but they do have limits, as does Elvy. Be realistic, and keep this in mind before you start asking for incredibly complicated graphics.

    1. Default size for icons is 100x100. If you want a different size (for instance because you want part transparency), let Elvy know.

    Backgrounds? Layouts? (Friends-Only) Banners?

    Backgrounds: Yes.
    Layouts: No.
    Banners: Yes.

    Banner- and background requests work in much the same way as icon-requests do. Provide Elvy with an image of the right size or bigger (and tell her how big the smaller version is supposed to be) with your wishes for said banner/background, and Elvy will see it done.

    Layouts take too much time. Elvy spent a lot of time on the overrides for her personal LJ, and at the moment she does not have the time to go and make layouts for anyone who asks. She might just post a layout up for grabs, but she won't do them by request. No discussion possible at this particular point.

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    Want to be an affiliate? Drop a comment!

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    You may always nominate me for an award. I only ask that you tell me where you're going to nominate me, and in what category. Curiosity's sake. ^^