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In Which Elvy Posted The Credits And Resources

  • This list will be updated as I go along. If you don't see credit for your work up here where I said it would be, please be patient; I will update and add you. Since I sometimes take things and don't use them until some time later, it may be a while before you'll see it up here. If it takes more than 4 weeks, you may kick me.

  • Both things I've used and things I deem useful are on this list, so don't be shy to submit stuff!

  • Broken links? Please let me know, so that I can fix them.

  • Please do not hotlink to any image you find either on this lj or through the links provided here.

  • Please stick to the rules of any community you find through this entry. It really goes for all communities, but I don't want to be responsible for misbehaviour somehow.

  • All links save lj shortcuts open in a new window.

  • Page last updated: 29 October, 2005.

    Brushes and Textures
    Helpful communities
    Places to post or promote icons
    Image Hosts
    Image Resources


    Do-s and Don't-s in the icon community by teh_indy


    Curved text + creating a border by teh_indy
    Font References by crumblingwalls
    Full icon - The Boy Who Lived (Harry Potter) by teh_indy
    Full icon - Shelob's Lair (Lord of the Rings) by teh_indy
    How do I create my own patterns? by syndarys
    How to make a simple/grunge border by icons_with_love
    Installing brushes in Paint Shop Pro 7 by teh_indy
    Pixel font reference by crumblingwalls
    Script Font Visual Reference by crumblingwalls


    Council of Elrond (Imladris.net)
    Font Garden
    Only Free Fonts Site
    Simply The Best
    The Council of Elrond

    Brushes and Textures

    By __kali__ here
    By _joni here and here
    By wicked here
    By artistbynight here
    By cdg_brushes here
    By crumblingwalls here, here, here, and here
    By cyberelf here
    By darthmollusc here
    By deliciousmelody here
    By disorderedmind here
    By inxsomniax here, here, and here
    By drave @ ironicons here and here
    By dtissagirl here
    By eightyfour__ here, here and here
    By leftofmyheart here
    By unwoundfantasy @ district_ink here
    By oh_pants @ braggadocio_org here and here
    By icons_with_love here
    By inexorablyhere here and here
    By jenniepennie here
    By kalijean here
    By kimberly_a here
    By leggyslove here
    By lovemelikemusic here
    By lovetheories here
    By kyasuriin here
    By mapother here
    By meleada here
    By meriness here
    By my_wonderful here
    By okayicons here
    By pekeana here, here, and here
    By prettywitchstar here
    By hecatesknickers here
    By quebelly here, here, here, here, and here
    By ragingquietly here and here
    By ruuk here and here
    By saava here
    By serendipitysho here
    By shagalote here
    By shewaselectric here
    By soporifical @ brokenicon here
    By dark_soul_lost here
    By spiralling here and here
    By stickywicket here
    By syndarys here
    By teh_indy here, here, here, and here
    By terra_katta @ ljamboree here
    By the_morningstar here
    By wednesday_icons here
    By wiggityweenr here
    By saturness here

    Helpful communities

    100x100_brushes, brushaddicts, fontaddicts, icon_extras, icon_help, icon_tutorial

    Places to post or promote icons

    aragornfans, bean_daily, boyd_daily, deppicons, dominicmonaghan, elijahwood, eric_daily, faramirfans, hobbit_icons, johnny_depp, johnny_icons, kill_bill, kill_bill_icons, lij_icons, lotr_art, lotr_awards, lotricons, lotr_graphics, lovely_liv, meriadoc_fan, midclass_icons, monaboyd, monaghan_daily, oneringicontest, orlando_icons, orli_daily_art, potcicons, ringactor_icons, tarantino_icons, troy_icons, viggo_daily, viggo_icons, wenham_weekly

    Image hosts

    Domain DLX
    Greatest Journal

    Image resources

    At the stars
    -> Cold Mountain, Edward Scissorhands, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Interview With The Vampire, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Moulin Rouge, The Neverending Story, Secret Window and others.

    -> Many, many things. I found some really nice kitty images here. ^_^

    Secret Obsession
    -> Beauty and the Beast, Bridget Jones's Diary, Chocolat, Finding Nemo, Love Actually, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, X2 and others.

    Beauty and the Beast
    02 by peacefully

    Billy Boyd
    Billy Boyd.net Official website
    Glaswegian Hobbits

    Dominic Monaghan
    Dominic Monaghan.net
    Dominic Monaghan.org
    Dominic Monaghan.us
    Lost & Blown Away

    Elijah Wood
    Always & Forever
    Elijah @ Canterbury Elf.com
    Elijah Wood - The Gallery

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    01 by desert_sky

    Finding Neverland
    01 by tehshroom

    Johnny Depp
    Depp Impact

    Kill Bill
    Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 2.net

    Lord of the Rings
    Annon nan Galad(h)
    Bag End Inn Also for images of the actors as themselves
    The Council of Elrond
    Darth Screen Capture
    Frodo Forever
    Herr der Ringe German site
    Hobbits Live
    Lord of the Rings.net Official movie website
    Return of the King Screencaps Gallery
    The Lord of the Rings Image Library
    War of the Ring

    Orlando Bloom
    Orlando Bloom Multimedia
    The Orlando Bloom Files

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Pirates of the Caribbean Fandom

    Sean Astin
    Sean Astin's Unofficial Web Site

    Sean Bean
    The Compleat Sean Bean

    Shark Tale
    01 by _m3_

    Van Helsing

    Viggo Mortensen
    Viggo Online

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