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In Which Elvy Introduced The Elvy Inc Award

There are plenty of icon makers out there who do not get the recognition they deserve. These are people who win little or no awards, but should be getting awards for their work. It could be people who get nominated often enough, but never actually win anything.
This award is not going to be handed out on regular basis (that would cost me too much time), but whenever I see uncredited talent, I will hand out my Shiny New Award of Doom, and make a post here to put the maker in the spotlight. This award, of course, is defined by my personal taste, so if you get it, you should feel special. ;)

This doesn't mean that 'famous' iconisers don't stand a chance of getting my award. If you're 'famous', it probably has a reason, and if I like your work I'll be fair enough to accredit that. I'm just trying to put all the small iconisers first. :)

In this entry I keep a record of all previous award winners, as well as link to their spotlight entry.

Previous winners of the Elvy Inc Award:
No winners yet.

Of course, you may always recommend icon-makers to me if you feel they deserve this award. I will go and check them out, and see if I agree with you. If not, well, it's just a matter of taste then. :)
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